Post ESOS Report

Tue 23/02/2016

The dust has settled on Building Energy Control’s involvement in ESOS surveys and we can now take stock of our experience of the surveys and the impact we feel the legislation has had on businesses. We have embraced the challenge of undertaking these surveys and have found the whole process to be rewarding for all involved, especially those for whom we have identified significant energy savings throughout their organisation.

60% of eligible firms submitted everything in time for the 29th January deadline; almost 6,000 businesses in total. Towards the end of 2015, BEC were on-site auditing a number of sites for a number of these businesses. Overall, we surveyed over 120 sites, reviewed hundreds of miles’ worth of transport data and analysed many thousands of gas and electricity kWh.

Some of the key findings from the surveys were:

- Significant under-investment: firms investing little or no capital in energy efficiency.
- Huge LED potential: Wide range of building types presenting a lot of opportunities for large-scale LED refit programmes.
- Huge energy management potential: Opportunities for businesses to exert greater control over current equipment in order to generate energy savings.
- Energy measurement rare: Very few organisations monitoring exactly how much energy they’re using.
- Energy Analysis rare: Very few organisations analysing any energy data they do possess, let alone act upon their findings.

We believe that what ESOS has done is highlight something which many organisations, for whatever reason, have massively overlooked for a long time. This isn’t to say that business has been ignorant towards energy efficiency; it simply highlights the depth and complexity of organisations and how, with so many operations to oversee, chances to cut costs can missed.

Yet by acting upon the results and findings of the ESOS reports and embracing energy efficiency, businesses can save thousands in energy costs. BEC made a number of suggestions to our clients as to how they can save energy, and we look forward to working with any of these organisations who decides to act upon these suggestions and start making savings.

If your business wishes to act upon suggestions made in a final ESOS report, whether you’re a BEC client or not, we’re here to help. Call or email us today to discuss your energy needs.