Boiler Heat Recovery Systems

Boiler Heat Recovery Systems: Flexible, Energy Efficient Heating and Hot Water

Blade heat server systems using Zenex energy recovery technology improve net operating efficiency in heating mode to up to 97%. A traditional boiler system's efficiency levels are typically between 50% and 70% wasting energy and creating unnecessary carbon emissions.

Boiler heat recovery systems use gas to it's maximum efficiency, producing hot water on demand, while retaining existing heat emitters and infrastructure.

Boiler Heat Recovery Systems

Standard Boiler Efficiency

  • Old standard boilers have normally a 40% to 70% system efficiency.
  • Flow and return temperatures are at the level at which the existing radiator system was designed to run.
  • Flue temps are high resulting in heat wasted directly to the atmosphere.

Condensing Boiler With GasSaver

  • Flow and return temperatures can be left at the level at which the existing radiator system was designed to run.
  • GasSaver extracts the extra heat that would have been lost through the flue, the boiler being in full condensing mode at all times.
  • System efficiency is 97% when the recovered heat is used to either preheat domestic hot water or to heat a low temp heating circuit.

Acaster Blades Solution

  • Replace existing boilers which are operating anywhere between 40% to 70% system efficiency with Blade Heating Servers operating at 97% system efficiency.
  • Replace existing hot water cylinders with Blade Hot Water Servers.

Solution Benefits

  • Up to 40% savings on gas bills.
  • Up to 40% less carbon produced.
  • Reduced energy bills.
  • Minimum disruption to building during installation.

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